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Some Works Archive

2012 - 2017

In the photo gallery below, some examples of works and commissions, performed with various techniques.

Main techniques and materials used:
oil, acrylic, fat tempera, pigments, charcoal, graphite, watercolors, pens, pastels and pencils, inks, marker, gold leaf, airbrush.

canvans, paper, wood panels, Forex® panels

Some works are available for sale. Click on the "Shop" button

Gallery Archive


Al Mazzaglia Composer

Al Mazzaglia, has a natural and spontaneous approach to the visual arts since boyhood. He studied photography and later attended academic courses in Catania (Italy), his hometown.

Today, his study consists of continuous research; personal and material, colors, painting techniques both ancient and modern. He never abandons the form, but his point of strength are the colors that create an atmosphere and a balance in the painting.

He does not like the thematic technique continuity, in fact, his paintings can be restricted in small series consists of a maximum of 10 pieces of the same thematic content, and then make room for new inspirations. He resumed painting in 2012, after 15-year break, to look after of computer graphics.

His art can be cataloged in a polystylism. The expressive means of his art are painting, drawing and photography. His works are in collections around the world.

- I draw and paint various figurative and abstract subjects using various techniques and media: all depending on how I get up in the morning -.

For my works I always use top quality materials canvases, papers and colors are carefully selected to make the work of art an object of unique and inimitable value. Each work is filed and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and on paper supports I also use a relief stamp, which guarantees exclusivity and originality. The brands I use are among the best and most expensive in the market: Schmincke - Horadam, Daniel Smith, Blockx, Liquitex, Golden, Contè, Viarco, Copic and Molotow.

All work is finished with the highest quality non-yellowing paints for protection against dust and UV rays.